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How We Start

     Our goal was to source simply designed, well-made and well-priced apparel that you can wear every day; products we enjoyed but couldn't find. We had no framework, no certainty, no long-term plan. Without realizing it, we were beginning the greatest journey of our lives.

     This journey has been forged and enriched by the people who have joined us, encouraged us and supported us along the way. Thank you for bringing us this far. 

     More recently, In the beginning of March 2019, the Dapper-Wear brand and website was sold. It was bought by Galen Black. He intends to grow the brand and store. As a long term goal he intends to open an Amazon FBA account focusing specifically on the Dapper-Wear brand. Brick and mortar stores are not out of the question. They are however an even more long term approach if they do happen. The only real changes will be an improved website through more products added to the site including more relaxed and stylish clothing along with women's wear and site improvement. It is all in the name Dapper-Wear. That's the focus.



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